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This is an interview of Lois Howard MacKinnon that was conducted in February 2013. She was 90 years old and resided in an assisted-living facility. As you will see from the interview, Lois, my mom, has led an interesting life and continues to be a dynamic force in her community. One truth about her remains unchanged--she cannot tell a joke, but that is part of her charm. I am very proud of my mother.

Based on my discussions with Mom, she dated Major Thomas Ferebee – bombardier on the Enola Gay flight that dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima.

By the way, the joke she wanted to tell goes like this:

One day this city guy was passing through the back country when he saw a little vegetable stand beside the side of the road. He stopped and got to talking to the farmer. Like most tend to do, the farmer started to brag and, in that vein, he said that his cows could forecast the weather.

The man scratched his head and asked, "How do they tell you?"

The farmer replied that when the day is going to be fair, the cows indicate that by lying down--but if it is going to rain then they will remain standing.

The man looked into the field and pointed. "What does it mean if half of the cows are standing and half are lying down?"

The farmer turned and looked; then he replied, "That means that half of them are wrong!"


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